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  1. Server Website Migration Complete. Our Web Host is 100% Secured. Website Page UP. Patcher UP. Forum UP. Some Page on forum is still on maintenance process. it will be maintenance page until some of reported issue was fixed. PS: GM Sky.
  2. Our Website is will be down today. We will Migrate the Website on Skyzone Hosting Solution. it will be Up after 12 to 24hours waiting for Web Domain Propagating.
  4. [SERVER UPDATES] Type @myreward to claim your compensation reward for the long Maintenance. please patch your patcher to get update. [Change Logs] - Hosting Data Center Maintenance Completed. ---- DDOS Protection Increase. ---- Host maintenance range up to 10 hrs. - Gepard Update. ---- Update Anti cheat protection. - Mission Quest Update. - Some of Item Quest Fixed. - Ancient Weapon & Accessories Fixed. ---- @weprank = To check your weapon Rankings. ---- @accrank = To check your weapon Rankings. ---- Fixed Minor issue on trading items. ---- Fixed Minor issue on questing. - Vote Shop ---- All item Custom Item in Vote Shop is now tradable. ---- New RMS Headgears Added. ========================================================= WE HAVE NEW GAME MASTER FROM SKYZONE SOLUTION. [GM] Sky™
  5. SERVER UPDATES CHANGE LOGS - Rebellion Skill Update. ---- Full Buster Skill Add Fixed Delay 2 Seconds. ---- Disable Platinum Alter Skill. - PVP Room Update. ---- Adding Happy Hour Points. ---- Enable Commands. - Added Quest [Zeph Quest] ---- Hunting Quest. Located at @main or inside medieval office. - Fixed Minor Issue on Item Descriptions. - Save the King Update. ---- Monsters Update. [Server Restart] - Server Restart will be required to implement the changes in skills update. - Start Emperor & Soul Ripper will be Implemented soon.
  6. SERVER UPDATES Server UP. Please Patch your patcher to get update [Change logs] - Hourly Egg Scrolls. - MVP Egg Scrolls. - Save The King Monster Update. ---- All monster increase HP. - Gospel Skill Update ---- Positive Buffs: Increase Attack by 100% change to 5%. ---- Positive Buffs: All Stats +20 chane to +5 All Stats. ---- Negative Buffs: Decrease Attack by -100% change to 5%. - Warrior Mace Change Item.. ----- Please to all have the Old Warrioir Mace kindly PM us we will change your mace. - High Wizard Card. ---- HW Card will be disable at this time after I confirm to [GM] Crixus. the effect will be load immediately - New Quest Warper. ---- DBZ Aura Release. just click the Light Energy on 3rd Floor of Main Office. - WOE SHOP ADDED. ---- WOE Shop Located inside Guild Hall. ---- Black Treasure Box will give you a chance to get a Castle Drop Stones. [News] - King Poring Reproduction [Coming Soon] ---- this NPC will change your Cards and Give a Random Cards. there is a small chance to get Blue Cards and change for Items. - Medieval Main Office will be release soon.
  7. [SERVER UPDATES] [Change Logs] - Thanatos Max Deadly Combo Added ---- Incantation Samurai Card. [this will be disable the effect when you use Thanatos Card.] ---- Thanatos Card. [this will be disable the effect when you use Incantation Card.] ---- LHZ Cards. - Disable WoE Robe - Disable WoE Suits - Disable WoE Garments - Disable Woe Shoes / Boots - Tarot Card of Fate = Change Success Chance Rate from 40% to 20% Success Chance. - Earth Strain change to 20% chances to strip. - White Imprison 30% chance effect on the enemy. - Happy Hour Floating Rates. ---- to check the Happy Hour you can use the command @happyhour to see the schedule's. this Change logs will add and continues update today. I was very sleepy now, I will note the changes later. patch note will be release before the WOE Start today, Expect a Reload when I wake up. I will go to sleep now.
  8. Good day guys. Please patch your patcher to get update on new quest shop. We will put New Quest Every week Some of item that already reported was already updated today and you can check on the items. The Bug Report Reviews was start tomorrow and I will send the reward via RODEX Manager please include your In Game Name when you comment your Bug Reports and I will review it if the issue is a True Bugs or not. Thank you god bless to all.
  9. Our First Like And Share Event. please read the mechanics guys Visit FB Page to join our first ever Like & Share Event. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=152287672956758&set=a.119312792920913
  10. Good day everyone some of reported is not yet finish update. and im working on it dont worry it will be update. better to check your report if already solve or not. About the Bug Report Reward I will Post it on General Discussions so I can see your reported list if it is counted or not. so it means there is a chance to not counted in bug reports.
  11. [SERVER UPDATE] [Change Logs] - MVP and Normal HP decrease to 50%. [Modified Cards] 1. Damage System Fixed Solve. 2. Def Bonus Fixed Solve. [Modify Card] 1. Menblatt Card = every 25 base points of DEX : Increase long range physical attacks by 1% 2. Wakwak Card = every 25 base points of STR : Increase ATK by 5 [Warlock Skill] 1. White Imprison = fixed cool down 7 secs / effect on enemy 3 secs / change to 50% chance rate of success. 2. "Boost" = 1st job skill : Lightning bolt / Fire Bolt / Cold bolt = 100% boost. 3. "Boost" = 2nd job skill : Napalm Vulcan / Meteor Storm / Storm Gust = 50% boost. 4. "Boost" = 3rd job skill : Hell Inferno / Chain Lightning / Crimson Rock / Tetra Vortex = 50% boost. [Sorcerer Skill] 1. Diamond Dust = Reduce the effect of Crystallization to enemy 5 secs only. [Rebellion Skill] - Boost Battle Damage. [Gypsy/Clown Skill] - Boost Battle Damage. [Royal Guard Skill] - Boost Battle Damage. [New Item Release] - New Aura Quest. - New Item on Vote Shop. - New Item on WOE Shop. - New Item on PVP Shop. - New Item on Breaker Points Shop. [New Attendance System] - New Attendance System will be start after this month. - Fixed Issue on Attendance System. Note: All updates on All NPC Shops will be load before the end of this day. I'm not finish the update for the npc and items.
  12. Hello Medieval Players. Here's some good news we achieve for this week. after wee see the different report. we now solve the damaging system in the server. now we focus on other side releasing quest and some of bugs need to solve To all Reporters please comment the link of your Report. 1 Comment 1 Bug Report Only. and I will check how much Donation Points I will give to your report. Thank you for all player's spending time with us. we hope you are enjoying the game w/out the game master event for now. Soon we will cast some events, and occasion event. be ready your guild mates, friends about this event it will be hosted soon. God Bless, we have Gathering Event on Saturday before the WOE Start. ^_^ Stay Safe Everyone.
  13. [SERVER UPDATES] [Change Logs] - Base Level and Agi Def Bonus Fixed. ---- the server updates today was removing def stats when you are leveling and also def stats when you adding Agi. ---- if you see your damage was change because of this. NOTE: After this changes will be made impact to all jobs damage that result in low damage or high damage. we will look this on WOE Later. so please don't sad we will adjust your damage if we see that your damage is very low or very high after this changes.
  14. Check Server Updates. Please Patch your patcher to get Updates. Visit the link below to check the list of updates. some of request will not update but we are listing on it to implement your suggestions soon. we have many featured to release soon stay-tune and enjoy the game. more updates to come.
  15. Good Day to All Citizen of Medieval. We remind that we have server maintenance tomorrow. Server Maintenance - Every Day: Thursday - Time: 10:00:00 to 12:00:00 Server Time. use @time in game to check the time remaining. All reported was update tomorrow. we will double check some of report and listed all updates on Change logs Forum Thank you for waiting. MRO GM Team.

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