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  1. Click here to guide you on how to create armors and with enchantments - https://irowiki.org/wiki/Royal_Banquet_Enchants
  2. This is a guide to the new players on where to start once you are inside MedievalRO. When they transport you to Prontera City after novice tutorial you can now go to RODEX Manager to get your free items, to find him you need to type @freebies and you will be transported to the location. If you have no clue where to go you can always click the Warper next to Kafra Employee and find "Leveling Area" and get yourself started. When you accomplish that you can now go to @eden talk to Secretary Lime Evenor to register after that you can proceed to gramps. You need to be reborn and be transcendent to join gramps and to party with random players and level up together or if you're brave enough you can try and beat the monsters yourself, but we recommend you party up, it is much easier to defeat the monsters and you have other players to support you. Remember Gramps Quest starts at level 100 and above. Click here for more details:
  3. Greetings! We are looking for female Support Game Master that is always active from this time frame: 7AM to 11AM +8GMT 1PM to 5PM +8GMT Requirements Name Age Status Occupation Responsibilities and Duties International relations. Ensure player satisfaction by responding timely and accurately to player’s complaints and disputes. Friendly in nature, not just in game but in real life. Fluent in English. Activeness. Assist in planning and facilitating gaming events. Provide support to players on game related queries. Ensure all players adhere to gaming rules and regulations. Analyze feedback and suggestions from players for continuous improvements of game. Manage game messaging and gaming forums to attract more players. Once the applicant is hired, you will receive level 1 GM account for trial and we will see how you perform and we might raise your rank and 40$ a month 5-6 hrs a day. PM us on facebook or Discord MedievalRO.
  4. Rules We encourage all our players to report rule breaking. However, we ask that you try to solve the issue among yourselves before reporting it to the GM team. These rules are subject to change and will be updated as seen fit. General Players must be able to write and understand simple English. We do not ask for perfection, but enough level to be able to communicate with others. GMs will be speaking to you in English, and we expect you to translate any GM communication to your understanding. Do not joke about RMT or it will be treated as an RMT case. Do not attempt to sell or trade your account to another player. Do not impersonate GMs. This includes inappropriate use of homunculus and pet names. Do not make statements for a GM. You must never misinform players by pretending a GM said something. Do not advertise other servers. Talking about official servers is allowed, but actively promoting them is not. Do not exploit bugs. Report them immediately to any GM through the forum or directly via the game or MedievalRO Discord. Do not assist or tolerate rule breaking activities. Anybody caught not reporting a known rule-breaker will receive the same punishment as the offending player. Any chargebacks on Medieval Points purchases via Paypal will result in account suspension. If you wish to return your account to good standing, you must cancel the chargeback if the case has not yet been decided, or re-send the original payment for the Nova Points you received. Do not scam other players. Stealing items from others or keeping borrowed gears may result in a permanent ban. You are encouraged to report players who scam you in a player report. Account sharing is discouraged and you are fully responsible for the actions of whoever is playing on your account. Lending of items or zeny to other players is done at your own risk. In all cases, the disputed items and characters will be permanently lost and not returned. Do not grief other players. This applies to PVM, PVP and social interactions. Be respectful. This goes towards players, staff, the server, other people's opinions, etc. You are allowed to argue for yourself, but please stay respectful while doing so. Punishment and conflict resolution is to be kept private between the sanctioned player and the GM team. Punishments are subject to the staff's discretion. Any form of questioning after the staff has come to a resolution from either the sanctioned or a third party can result in a punishment. Rules are not limited to those written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Please use common sense. Social Prontera and #main are English only zones. Other languages are allowed in any other areas. Insulting, racism, sexism, discrimination, excessive swearing or any other offending comments can result in punishment. This applies to all chats, including #main, and shop names. Do not use inappropriate names for your character. The same applies for your pet name, homunculus name, party name, guild name/title and its emblem. Do not beg for items or zeny from players or GMs. Asking for help is alright, but flat out asking for items or zeny is not. Do not impersonate other players or in other ways attempt to assume their identity. Do not harass other players. Harassment is defined as unwanted attention including repeated messaging, stalking, blackmail, and related behavior. Do not trade or send friend requests on PvP and WoE maps. You can use @noask or /notrade to prevent being harassed like this. Do not spam any of the channels. Do not converse about politics or explicit sexual topics on any of the channels. Do not discuss or engage in a conversation about other private servers in public. Do not set absurd prices to reserve your vending spot. You are allowed to open a shop/chatroom anywhere, except for these restrictions: Do not open a shop in Eden or Prontera. Do not open a chat in the middle of Prontera. Do not block the visibility of a NPC or a portal. You will be kicked. Do not open a shop near the spawn points of towns. You will be kicked. PVP Do not dual-client in Battlegrounds. Do not AFK in Battlegrounds. Do not grief in Battlegrounds, such as by losing matches on purpose. Do not sell "carry services" for Battlegrounds. Failure to comply to any other rules will result in the appropriate punishment, which may or may not include a permanent ban. THE RULES APPLIES WHEN WE OFFICIALLY LAUNCH THE SERVER. READ CAREFULLY.
  5. Check out our Newbie Guide [Eden Group] Gramps. This is actually based on a mid rate server but we made one for High Rate, we want players to experience leveling to a whole new experience rather than the standard leveling on a typical high rate server, we hope you enjoy our version. Click here:
  6. Eden Group - Gramps [High Rate Version] Join the Group ( @eden ) Talk to Instructor Boya (moc_para01 25, 35) behind the center of the counter in the Eden Group Headquarters. Talk to Secretary Lime Evenor (moc_para01 27, 35) to register and select Join the Eden Group. She will give you the following item: Eden Group Mark 5 pieces of Yellow Butterfly Wing 15 pieces of Lv10 Blessing Scroll 15 pieces of Lv10 Agil Scroll When you are done with the registration you can now proceed to Gramps. Gramps In Gramps quests, you will level really fast (especially if you join a big party). This is great if you just want to reach max level as soon as possible to join PVP/WOE and for efficiency in farming. If you enjoy more fighting against players, or if you're just after the game of making zeny, go ahead and do Gramps. But if you love the journey of climbing more mountain peak, if you like to enjoy PVM more and have more sense of fulfillment, better not do Gramps! Gramps is like a shortcut to skip the journey. But if you reach the top without having gathered enough friends, materials, equipment, and zeny (which you could have worked on from the longer journey), you may still have to go back to lower level maps and quests, which then would not as much enjoyable when you're already at max level. PVM in general can be a lot more fun if it matches your level. This is what you may miss out if you level too fast by doing Gramps. Information In these quests, you are required kill 400 monsters of two types. The hunted monsters are rotated once a month. You can find parties in the Eden Headquarters ( Shout it on #lfp to form a party ) To get a kill counter on the monster, you must be on the screen. There are four level ranges. Level 100 - 250 Level 250 - 350 Level 350 - 450· Level 450 - 500 You cannot enter areas lower or higher your level even if your quest is incomplete. This quest or instance is repeatable. The cooldown is 4 hours. Walkthrough To start the two quests speak to the "Mission Hunt" Board at the top left of @eden. Accept both quests in your level range Talk to Gramps (right) and choose "Can you warp me?" ·Select between the four: [150-250] [250-350] [350-450] & [450-500] The Party Setup is always 'Even Share' on all three settings (ALT+Z > Magnifier Glass at the bottom) set by the party leader. (if your ALT+Z doesn't work you can type ALT+H and choose “party”)
  7. - World Boss [Implemented] Bind Commands Type @worldboss | @joinworldboss | @joinwb to join in the event. Event Prize - Random Reward - MRO Event Ticket, - Yggdrasil Berry Box, - Buffs Foods Reward will be update soon. Event Time - Server Time: 8:00, - Server Time: 11:00, - Server Time: 16:00, - Server Time: 19:00 - Server Time Check @time.
  8. Blessing be upon you. We are going to a total wipe out after the Open Beta Test, like any other server there are going to be errors and bugs that needs to be fixed that is why we need players like you to report to us and we fix and improve the server even more, and to those players who constantly report the bugs and errors we will give them rewards for their hard work and love for Medieval-RO. Plus we will give reward to the Open Beta Tester. Thank you.
  9. Good Day Gamer's, Medieval Ragnarok Online Registration is now OPEN to Public. Mega Download is now fixed. Mediafire Download Link is Uploading. See you in game soon.....

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